לוגו_מרכז_הלכהThe Shmitah Fund has partnered with Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon and the Halacha Education Center to offer Jewish day schools and high schools targeted educational materials on the halachot, values and experience of shmitah, combined with the opportunity to engage students in an active tzedaka project to support shmitah-observant farmers in Israel as they strive to complete the shmitah cycle and make it through replanting to the first harvest.

The upcoming semester is an ideal time to explore the Torah values of this unique communal mitzvah, and to give students a chance to identify with and take an active role in supporting the 3,453 shmitah-observant Israeli farmers and their families at this crucial stage in their shmitah experience.

Curriculum options range from a minimum of 2 classroom hours to a maximum of 12 hours, making it possible to fit smoothly within any school’s curricular framework, whether in Halacha, Chumash, Jewish Values, or other appropriate subjects, or as a stand-alone unit.


  • Shmitah Mini-Curricula: Each of the 3 Mini-Curriculum options utilizes Rav Rimon’s English-language
         Shmitah Student Workbook and Teacher’s Guide.
  • Helping the Farmer: The Shmitah Fund will also provide a DVD of the Israeli farmers’ shmitah experience,
         tractor-shaped pushkas, and posters for the school.
  • Farmer Visit and/or Field Trip: It may also be possible to arrange a school visit by a
         shmitah-observant farmer and/or a school program at the Yeshiva University Museum’s current exhibit:
         Fields of Dreams – Living Shmita in the Modern World (through Jan 3, 2016).
  • Bar/Bat MItzva Projects: Additional materials are available for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects.
  • Family, Class & Community Trips to Israel: Ask us about including a visit to a shmitah-observant farm on your
         upcoming trip to Israel!
Please email for more information about curriculum options, costs and sponsorship opportunities.