chazut6The Shmitah Fund was established to provide both financial and compassionate assistance to Israeli farmers and their families as they fulfill this important communal mitzvah at the heart of Shivat Tzion.

Through our partners in Israel, we provide support directly to Israeli’s farmers through stipends, educational and moral support as well as oversight in implementing the halachot of Shmitah.

By educating the broader Jewish community about the meaning and importance of Shmitah, and shining a spotlight on the heroic farmers in the front lines of its observance, The Shmitah Fund advocates for the return of this foundational mitzvah to the center of Jewish communal life, both as the collective responsibility of all of Klal Yisrael, and as a reminder of the just, compassionate and G-d fearing society the Torah envisions.

Facts & Figures

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Mission Statement

chazut3The Shmitah Fund supports observance of and education about the mitzvah of shmitah as an important Religious Zionist value:

  • By partnering with and providing financial support to Israeli farmers who fulfill the mitzvah of shmitah;
  • By providing educational and moral support to farmers and their families, as well as oversight and assistance with proper implementation of the halachot of shmitah;
  • By educating the broader Jewish community about the meaning and importance of shmitah, advocating for recognition of shmitah as a project of the entire Jewish People, and offering opportunities for individuals and organizations to actively participate in the fulfillment of this central but often neglected mitzvah.